I love you with all my heart.
Even if I sometimes think about my pain as just a consequence of being wrong, of having my dreams shattered and even though I know you may not be the right person for me, my pain is caused by me loving you and you not loving me back.
I thought you were the perfect one for so long and gave up on so many things that now that I have to learn it all over again, I'm scared.
Not because I can't do it, not because I don't trust myself enough to do it, but because you really were the one at some point. I probably didn't manage to find the one for all time, but I certainly found the one for a couple of moments. And that should be enough.
There is no one who can make you happy all the time, the one doesn't exist for all moments.
Because happiness has a different meaning for you every step of the way. Something can make you happy know but maybe you change your mind in the next moment.
How can you be selfish enough to think that you can make someone change at the same rate that you are just to be sure that that person is the one?
There is no the one.
There is no perfect person.
There is just compromise.
If you find someone who can let himself go for you every once in a while just because (s)he knows that will make you that moment's "happy", then that is a the right person.

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